Thursday, 5 June 2014


Good innings has left powerful imprint
Speakers from Israel and abroad

This commemorative event took place on Monday at the Jerusalem International convention Centre It was hosted by television anchorwoman Sivan Rahav-Meir and Shlomo Gronich provided musical entertainment, including a song that he had written for the occasion. The following is exerpted from Hannah Brown's report in this morning's Jerusalem Post 
Elie Wiesel, America, writer, activist and Nobel Prizewinner, recently appointed President and Chairman of Feuerstein Heritage Foundation (speaking on video) –
'In times of danger, how do you save someone who needs to be saved?' (adding that people who do not get the education they need are truly in danger)
Shai Pironat, Israeli Minister of Education –
'Reuven’s vision should be a road map for us' (vowing to continue Reuven Feuerstein's work so that 'no child is left behind... We will not give up')
Former British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (on video) –
'He was one of the true greats' (and speaking of Reuven Feuerstein's incredible faith in human possibilities: 'A great Reuven Feuerstein truth – a great Jewish truth, [is] if you want to change the world, do it with education')
Cherie Blair wife of a former UK Prime Minister (on video) –
' of the greatest educators of this age'
Sheikh Abu Khadar Jabri of Hebron (in Arabic) –
'..a man who contributed to everyone in his lifetime'
Rafi Feuerstein –
'He created an impossible combination – he put love, compassion, responsibility and morality into his system.'
From the man himself
In an interview filmed not long before his death, he spoke of his total identification with the children and adults whom he helped –
'I see myself in them... I am not a man of peace, I will not compromise. I am a man of war. I will fight to insure that anyone who can benefit from this system will receive it'
Brown, H. (2014) Ceremony honors late pioneer in educating children with disabilities, Jerusalem Post, 6 June

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