Monday, 16 June 2014


First sighting of the Pető Institute's future

The long silent watch (since April) for a sighting of the Hungarian Government's plans for the Pető Institute is at last over. The Government has broken surface and the excitement begins.

Earlier this afternoon the Hungarian liberal-left opposition national newspaper Népszáva, which has taken a leading interest in this matter in recent months reported briefly on a press conference in Budapest this morning, given by Zoltán Balog, Minister of Human Resources

The Government is to amend the new Higher Education Act due to come out in September, to include new arrangements to define 'the proper relationship between university autonomy and the responsibility of effective management'. Arrangements for appointing heads on institutions will change.

Pető Institute

Népszáva also reports the Government's intention for the Pető Institute in this amendment –

Under the amendment the Pető Institute is fully state-maintained...

What now?

The minister wants the whole business completed by Parliament in time for the Summer recess. Given the Government's majority that will be no problem. There will be a lot of shouting but the Government's will will likely be done.

This could be the salvation or the ruin of the one-time World Famous Only time will tell. But for certain, nothing will be the same.

By the way, no news yet on the accreditation of the Pető Institute's qualifications – though we can presumably assume that this matter will soon be settled now.

By the time that I finish writing this posting other newspapers are already pitching in. Take your pick:


(2014) Kancellária rendszert vezetnek be a felsőoktatásban, Népszáva, 16 June

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