Friday, 13 June 2014


Two years to decide

This applies to YOU if you have, or are intending to have a website, ending in, etc. You can now replace this with the simpler suffix .uk.

The new form is said to be shorter (that is unquestionable) and sharper (perhaps). You are entitled either to switch to this new suffix or stay with your present URL. Reasons for not changing may include specification of the range or the location of your activity (e.g. just in the UK), for its familiarity or to stand out from the crowd of .com, .de, .org, .hu etc.

Note that there are also other new UK options for you to consider now if they appear relevant to you, including .london and .cymru

Read a little more on this, including something on the cost (very little) and the time to decide (quite enough):

Register here

If you would like to modify your Internet address in such a way, you can find more information and register for the new .uk address here if you wish to:

Take this as a warning

If you decide to change to the new shorter, sharper domain (or to take any of the other options open to you), you will have to decide what to do with your present Internet address. Simple reasoning is that as, you will no longer be using it, there is no reason to go on paying for it year after year, so let it go.

Be warned, though: the unused address will be then available for somebody else to buy, and you may not be happy with its new user:

The easiest solution might be simply maintaining the old address, and continuing to pay for it, even though you now lead with your short, sharp new one...

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