Saturday, 14 June 2014


Still no release dates announced outside the US

Round-up of US reviews

These are what is usually called 'mixed' – but with a clear central tendency. Here are four examples to indicate the range:

'It is faithful enough to history to bring alive horrible memories to those among the few lucky survivors who were children at the time.'
Janos Gereben, San Francisco Examiner

'...a should-be-told story in a should-be-avoided movie.'
Jeff Meyers, Metro Times (Detroit)

'The film is so emotionally obvious and awkwardly handled that it doesn't deserve much consideration as a political or historical statement ... '
John Anderson, Newsday

An old-school drama so sincere, yet so ham-fisted, it borders on parody.
Ella Taylor, NPR

Some are less polite:

(This link includes three recent previews/trailer sequences)

And the rest of the world?

Still no release announcements. I begin to wonder whether this film will see the cinemas here in the UK – or whether it will go straight to DVD and then TV.

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