Tuesday, 22 July 2014


A little reminder from L. S. Vygotskii
One has to regard this problem as a social problem. Psychologically speaking, if a physical deficit means social derailment then, pedagogically speaking, to educate this child means to set him back on the right course in life, in the same way in which a dislocated or injured organ is reset.
What was taken to be a physical handicap or illness is in fact a complex of symptoms with a specific psychological orientation found in children who socially have been completely derailed; it is a socio- and psychogenic phenomenon, not a biogenic one

The first, essential conceptual step in understanding motor disorders in childhood, explaining them, and what might be done about them.


Vygotskii, L.S. (1982) Sob. Soch., t. II, Osnovy defektologii, M, Pedagogika

An English translation:

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