Saturday, 26 July 2014


English colloquial expression

For some reason, I know not why, three days ago Google Alerts circularised the following little note to everyone around the world registered to receive latest uploaded information on Conductive Education –
"conductive education"

As-it-happens update ⋅ July 23, 2014
Effects of conductive education for children with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy
National Center for Biotechnology Information
This review addressed the effects of conductive education in children with cerebral palsy. The authors concluded that the quality of evidence was insufficient to determine whether conductive education is effective or not. Despite attempts to capture all study types, restricting studies to those published in English may have had a significant impact on the review's findings. The authors' conclusions are appropriately cautious.

Wearing away the stone

A tiny thing, of no consequence in itself, but a sign for all that 
Drip, drip, drip: used to describe a process in which something bad happens very slowly.
Definition from the Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary and Thesaurus, Cambridge University Press

No conspiracy theory is required...

...and none is offered here. This notification that I received is just the product of established information and academic systems that are doing the job for which they are designed for. This is not the doing of Johanna Darrah and her colleagues who reviewed outcome studies all those years ago (2003) and were just doing their job according to how they were supposed to do it. 

Presumably the same gristle will continue to be chewed over and over, again and again, perhaps by information systems as yet unenvisaged, till new data come along to be fed into the analysis – that is if new data are ever generated to meet required criteria – or until fresh approaches to researching and evaluating Conductive Education are employed.


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