Sunday, 27 July 2014


'I am done...'

To summarise an extensive and passionate cri de coeur from Norman Perrin, from the Facebook page '#LBBill ' –

'I am done...
  • 'Done with the lack of surprise I feel at the news of yet another poor service in the system.
  • 'Done with the despair I feel when another good person... feels that being part of the system and trying to change it from within is increasingly compromising, thankless and futile.
  • 'Done with social care workers who tell me... “we don’t do that”.
  • 'Done with my own personal belief that care homes can’t ever work and personal budgets will change the world...
  • 'But I am particularly, utterly and completely done with the perceptions of powerlessness at every level...
  • 'Managers who consider themselves powerless...
  • 'Front-line support workers who consider themselves powerless...
  • 'Directors and assistant directors of adult services who consider themselves powerless....
  • 'And now, a care minister who talks a refreshingly good talk but appears to be all out of fresh ideas...
'Here is my plan for service-land:
  • 'Prioritise all resources towards the team of people who personally provide the support and its manager.
  • 'And no-one else.
  • 'Stop paying operational managers, regional managers, directors, tender writers, internal comms teams, website developers, support planners.
  • 'Stop commissioning services from corporations or even medium sized providers.
  • 'Only commission services from small, single service teams who each run as stand-alone small businesses.
  • 'Each team is a single service with no responsibility, focus or accountability beyond their own practice.
  • 'Large scale institutions are now anathema to us, let’s do the same with large scale organisations which purportedly support these homes whilst remaining incapable of ensuring quality care
'Let’s stop agreeing to put money into roles that have no bearing on the quality of the support relationship and use it to properly fund focussed, accountable small single services instead...'

Read it all... 

...and the comments that it has sparked:

Think about this not just in terms of adult care homes but also project it on to the future establishment and management of Conductive Education around the world  and a lot else besides. It is apparent that, of the service models explored within CE over the last few years, analogies to Norman's proposed model might offer one of the happiest.

I am always a little ashamed at being an inveterate effer and blinder, and very well aware that there are many who are most noticeably not. Norman is one of the latter.  

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  1. Norman Perrin has emailed me...


    Tried to post a comment on this post but got well and truly "Bloggered”!

    The author of this piece is someone called Alex MacNeil who posted it on the #LBBill group:

    I simply ‘shared’ it on my Facebook.

    However, I do really do strongly agree with almost the whole of it.

    I particularly like "The quality of a person’s support is only influenced by the integrity and quality of the relationship between them and the person who is personally providing that support. Focus on that.” Conductive education could not have said it better.

    I also like her “Small is Beautiful” approach to her "plan for service-land” (but then I am a child of the sixties!).

    And yes, I agree with you that we should “think about this not just in terms of adult care homes but about the future establishment and management of Conductive Education around the world – and a lot else besides.”


    PS Please use this as you see fit.