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Why Choose MODC Conductive Education®?

Nearly thirteen million people live in Canada's most populous province, Ontario, with at least six centres offering conductive services of various kinds. One of these centres is provided by March of Dimes Canada, which invariably calls its services 'Conductive Education ®'.

Half a dozen centres for 12+ million people is but the barest market penetration by any measure but in the scattered world of international Conductive Education, not least in North America, this is pretty hefty stuff.

In Canada as a whole (population around 35 million) there are now approaching a dozen centres providing conductive services.

Selling points

To attract the fee-paying customers CE services have always had to 'sell' the virtues of their approach over conventional alternatives, and the attractions and convenience of their own particular provision – while of course also showing costs that are as affordable as possible. Brochures and websites reflect these obvious marketing requirements, often beefed up with a bit of supposed 'science', and sometimes larded with a liberal helping of schmaltz.

March of Dimes is offering a further selling point. One might call it 'establishment'.


Here is something of the image of 'Conductive Education®' that March of Dimes Canada promotes on a webpage that Google Alerts circulated around the word yesterday –
  • MODC is the largest provider of Conductive Education® (CE) services in Canada, having offered the program for over 20 years.
  • Our conductors are the leading experts in the country, and often consult and advise other CE programs.
  • All our Conductors are trained in Great Britain and Hungary where Conductive Education was first developed, and receive frequent training throughout the year.
  • MODC's National Manager for Integration Services is the President of ACENA, representing Canada on the International Peto Association's World Congress on Conductive Education advisory board,
  • All our conductors are current members of the Association for Conductive Education in North America (ACENA) and the Professional Conductors Association (PCA).
  • Conductive Education® is a registered trademark of March of Dimes Canada
Such selling points are not unique to the conductive services provided by March of Dimes Canada. Focussing upon them as here possibly is, and so is the style in which they are trumpeted. No doubt those who market know their business, and may gain a competitive edge from this over competitors in the minds 0f potential customers. Or perhaps not.

Perhaps others in Canada and elsewhere will follow this lead. Perhaps not.

What is 'Conductive Education®'?

A trademark. Not a patent.


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