Wednesday, 2 July 2014


No investigative journalism
No searching questions

What the papers say

As ever, stories on this in most Hungarian newspapers are identical to each other, being mainly transcripts or quotations from official statements.

The gist seems something like this:
  • Problems at the PAI go back years – the year 2006 being singled out for mention – financial problems, constant changes in management and supervisory bodies, with intervening agencies standing between the Institute and the state.
  • Parliament will nationalise the Institute of Friday
  • This will come into force on 1 September
  • The state will settle all debts (HUF300m = £780,000 = Euros 963,000 = US$ 1,317,000)
  • The state will then maintain the institution and ensure a stable financial basis for its teaching and development work
  • The name will be changed to Pető College
  • No lay-offs among conductors are planned
  • Franz Schaffhauser, Rector, says that the Institute's Senate welcomes and agrees the proposed amendments

Less government-oriented publications also report some political misgivings:
  • Socialist Member of Parliament Lajos Korózs is deeply suspicious of this government 'protection' and restates the slogan El a kezekkel a Pető Intézettől – 'Hands off the Peto Institute'.
  • Timea Szabó, independent MP with serious form for stirring it over the PAI, in Parliament, in the media, and on the streets, fears that conductors will be redundant, and wonders what will happen to conductor-training
No doubt we shall hear more... The devil will be in the detail.

Press round-up

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