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The word has several meanings in English

These include:
  • known from having been met before
  • officially acknowledged as being legal or valid
Bence Rétvári, parliamentary state secretary at Hungary's human resources ministry, speaking two days ago –

This [the Pető Institute] is a Hungaricum: the institute uses a method that is recognised in many countries around the world

One hears this a lot about Conductive Education and the Pető Institute, mainly from within Hungary. It is presumably a variant of the much used attribute 'world famous'. Neither general background presumption ever substantiated or measured up against the experience of those who use and provide Conductive Education outside Hungary.

So, Mr Rétvári, it would be interesting to know your grounds for stating this recognition so convincedly, in either of the two meanings referred to above (or indeed in any other of the senses of the word) – and interesting too to hear you enumerate the countries where it is 'recognised', in whatever sense. What is your evidence for saying this, and are there any qualifications to your statement that you also consider?

But of course, perhaps the equivalent word in Hungarian bears a further, different meaning again, not adequately conveyed in its English translation.

One is reminded of the heady political hopes all those years ago that, at the closing stage of Communist rule, lured the then Hungarian Government to set up a 'foundation' (alapítvány) in the first place – the political and financial miscalculation that brought us to the present pass in the first place

It is sad that the media and political kerfuffle in Hungary around the Pető Institute has included no serious investigation into what Conductive Education is all about and the contexts in which it occurs. Sad too that people in Hungarian education, heath and other disciplines, who might well have relevant perspectives and experiences to share, have not been heard.

Just one cause for sadness in a very sorry business.


(2024) Pető Institute’s future safe, says gov’t official,, 2 July

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