Sunday, 24 August 2014


In a loveless 'system'
And what Mária Hári might have said

On behalf of Special Needs Jungle, Tanya Tirraoro has prepared a serious of four flow charts (and commentary) to help parents steer themselves through the tangled web of procedures to come into force for children and young people with special educational needs and their families in England on 1 September:

Preparing this was voluntary work. The Department for Education, not having done something similar itself, 'collaborated' with her – but did not pay a penny (unlike to all those 'consultants' over the years). All praise to Tanya Tirraoro for what she has done for fellow parents, and what else she and others are doing and will have to keep on doing to mitigate the management-system, people-processing approach.

Systems are not enough

What a system. Labyrinthine, Byzantine, what can one say? Perhaps Corinthian. To paraphrase Mária Hári –
A system is not enough here. It must be to be a loving system.

Over the years all sorts of considerations have been poured into the mix that has gone into the legislated framework to into force in a week's time. Where thought though has gone into accounting for the warmth, the humanity, the love, without which all this will be as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal?


Tirroro, T. (2014) All our new SEND system Flow Charts together, Special Needs Jungle, 24 August

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