Monday, 1 September 2014


This site is under construction

First external sign of change

A spanking new website design has been launched today, the first external sign of change on this the first day of the former Pető Institute's new, post-nationalisation identity:

The design is very 2014, a long, long way removed from some of the rather embarrassing graphics of a generation ago. Hats off to the designers.

At this early point in its development the site is concerned with internal college matters and is of course presented wholly in Hungarian:

Quick links to translation machines are provided (English, Polish, German, French, Slovenian, interesting selection) but these are not working yet and at this point there is nothing written for foreign audiences.

This is still early days, and it will be interesting to follow how the site expands and develops.

Our own personal adaptations...

The new title is going to take a little getting used to, and doubtless some will continue referring to 'the Institute' to the grave. Others who refer simply to 'the Peto' (PetőPetö, Petø, whatever) will presumably continue to do so. 

What about the rest of us?

In Hungarian the institution is called the Pető András Főiskola – the PAF. In English this means the András Pető College – the APC. Personally I favour acronyms over mere abbreviations – so 'PAF' it will be for me when I write of it in future.

What the papers say

This morning's Hungarian papers did their usual thing, those covering the story at all doing so with identically worded repeats of the same bare-bones agency release, distinguished only by adding their own headlines.

Some fourth estate!

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