Sunday, 7 September 2014


Too soon to call a trend?

Another new conductive service has gone on line:

Conductive Winchester

Some characteristics:
  • started by a conductor (here, Edit Schmidtka)
  • conductive services + others (in this case, massage therapy and baby massage)
  • smart, businesslike website (no sucrose sentimentality)
  • none of those tired old 'Cottonist' explanations of CE (alleged 'principles')
  • flexible services (starting with individual services, perhaps groups later)
  • six days a week (and no mention of school holidays)
  • competitive prices
  • not a charity but a business
  • in the prosperous,  sunny South of England
  • fresh.
To early perhaps to confirm a trend in new ventures in the United Kingdom but something to be looking out for as a new-contender model on the block...

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