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More research is needed

A hole in the road

One of Ralph Strałkowski's earthly stories with a heavenly meaning, yesterday's serving of Lawyer on Wheels concludes –
And it seems I'm constantly reminded of the importance of not giving up easily. If someone says No, ask again. And then again. Or try a different approach. If you say 'Somebody should do something' don't just nod and walk away. Why shouldn't this somebody be you, why can't the time be now?

'Never, never quit!' 'Just do it!' These are popular expressions, not alleged old Chinese proverbs – they are nonetheless useful slogans, idées fixes, Leitmotifs, for conductive pedagogy and upbringing, for conductive learning and development, for conductive lifestyle and living. Are they not indicative of that sometimes elusive goal and outcome (for everyone involved) of the 'orthofunctional personality'?​​

These expressions are also the titles of two books about Conductive Education:

More research is needed

'More research is needed' is another popular expression.

This expression usually refers to comparative outcome evaluation, an persistent problems of which in Conductive Education has been failure to find appropriate outcome criteria to distinguish it effectively from other approaches..

If the expressions 'Never, never quit!' 'Just do it!' really do epitomise something essential in both the process and the product of Conductive Education, then operationalising thisdomain in terms of empirical evaluation is something for would-be outcome-evaluators really to get their teeth into.

Doing so raises the level of analysis to the psychosocial (including consideration of values) and might also shed revealing light on a whole range of questions, not just relating to Conductive Education.


Strałkowski, R. (2014) Somebody should do something, Lawyer on Wheels, 23 September

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