Friday, 12 September 2014

ex-PAI; PAF, 11 SEPTEMBER 2014

András Pető's birthday
Steady as she goes

Yesterday was 11 September, András Pető's birthday and the anniversary of his death.

Ceremonies were to be held over the day at the newly renamed András Pető College in Kútvölgyi út, at the columbarium in Farkasréti Cemetary. where his ashes reside, and before the memorial plaque at the side of the apartment building where he lived in Stollár Béla u.

The day before there were also to be flowers laid in Szomathely, at his birthplace plaque in Kossuth Lajos u.

Officiating were Éva Szabó, Franz Schaffhauser and Erzsébet Bertóti.

This was announced on Facebook, on the Pető Intézet (Community) page:

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