Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Is that the question?

Ralph Strałkowski has written the only book so far describing conductive pedagogy and upbringing from the direct personal experience of a child growing up with cerebral palsy. Today on his regular blog Lawyer on Wheels he publishes a thoughtful essay that some might find disturbing and goes against much of the popular image of Conductive Education –
A lot of people were shocked by my true confession that not being able to walk is not the worst thing about being in a wheelchair, at least for meThe Pető Institute put me in big, heavy leg braces that would go into my orthopedic shoe and hurt my feet... I guess to me any form of walking always meant pain... What can I say, walking just isn't my thing.
There are of course many cerebral palsies and many and various, personal, human experiences of growing up and living with these conditions – with as well as without contact with Conductive Education.

The problem is that there are no other such essays, nor counter-statements, discussions, controversy, from within the world of Conductive Education.

So what now? Just simply ignoring this question is an answer in itself. But probably not the best one.


Strałkowski, R. Never, never quit: my Conductive Education, Birmingham, CEP

You may preview the book and order a copy of you wish from the link given here.

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