Thursday, 11 September 2014


Vive l'éducation conductive!

Mélanie Masson Jeannot has posted an informative notice in the Conductive World Market, identifying the location of five French écoles (schools).

This comes with links to their websites, and a free map:

Mélanie's posting is in English.

Though brief, this is the first published overview of Conductive Education in France since the big conference held at UNESCO in Paris, back in 2003. The damage caused by the report of the visit to then International Pető Institute in the year 2000, by CNEFEI (the National Centre for Study and Education of Disabled Children), has taken a long time to heal. In 2014 scar tissue is beginning to show.

There are now six small écoles conductives in France, open or nearly so. At the moment:
  • two operate all year round
  • three are open for parts of the year
  • one more is due to open at New Year
From January 2015:
  • five will operate all year round
  • one will operate for parts of the year
One is expanding, and looking for a second conductor.


Jeannot, M. M. (2014) [Untitled posting], Conductive World Market, 8 September

Sutton, A. (2008) Why that French conference? Damage to repair, Conductive World, 11 February

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