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Reaching to a fresh audience

Another discussion paper

International Makarenko Association
Second International Research Symposium 

Makarenko studies 
History, present situation, perpectives

The latest discussion paper to be added to the Symposium site, the second in English, was written by Yours Truly:
Group upbringing goes West
 A diversion
Andrew Sutton
Abstract. An Hungarian system of upbringing and pedagogy, András Pető's 'Conductive Education', lays great emphasis upon group pedagogy. There are possible parallels in substance between the systems of Makarenko and of Pető, perhaps even connections. A brief introduction to Conductive Eduction stresses the magnitude of the pedagogic task posed by motor disorders, the solution of which is strengthened by teaching through groups rather than individually. A possible Makarenko link once offered an early possible historical root of Conductive Education, but this possibility has been denied in Hungary. Following export of conductive practice to the West but a variety of financial, social and ideological have made the group aspect of conductive pedagogy particularly hard to sustain in new national contexts. Some parallels and connections between the two approaches are offered, with respect to their respective founders and the social context in which practices were later developed.


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Sutton, A. (2014) Group upbringing goes West: a diversion (discussion paper), Second International Research Symposium of the International Makarenko Association, Autumn

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