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Still apparently not settled

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Regular readers of Conductive World may recall the problems earlier this year, when the PAF (Pető András College) was still the PAI (Pető András Institute), over the Hungarian Accreditation Committee's not recognising the qualifications awarded for conductor-training:

All this occurred at a time when the Pető András Institute was foundering under a storm of wide-ranging financial and political problems. With respect to the specific matter of accrediting the training, a subgroup of two would go in and report back to the Accreditation Committee to get the whole business cleared up in time for the new academic year. In the meantime, the Hungarian Government addressed wider and longstanding problems of finance and governance, and renationalised the Pető András Institute, giving it the new name of Pető András College – coming into effect on 1 September.

And there matters have rested, mainly outside the public domain.

Accreditation back in news

Yesterday the liberal (and therefore opposition) newspaper Népszava published a leak on the progress of the accreditation question.

As far as I understand it this matter is being fudged. The Accreditation Committee meets today. Will accreditation will be granted, despite continuing legal and academic concerns.?The basic situation remains unchanged and is, if anything, even worse. An example given is one department's having only one member with academic degrees. The visiting accreditation subgroup did not complete its job and its process has been 'stretched'.

Going from previous such storms in the distant Hungarian teacup, what happens now? Presumably other Hungarian news outlets will copy Népszava's story, thought with little extra to add. Just maybe the PAF will issue a counter-statement. Opposition MPs might take this particular problem to enquire more closely what has been happening at the PAF since September. Just maybe Népszava will also leak a document or two on line. Then the whole thing will again vanish from public view, with the wider world of Conductive Education knowing (or caring?) little or nothing about what is happening.


(2014) Ismét terítéken a Pető-ügy, Ismét terítéken a Pető-ügy, Népszava, 11 December

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