Friday, 5 December 2014


So may be the call for the 'conductive'

Coincidentally, two news stories have appeared in the public domain.
These two stories come from different countries, England and Germany, they are very different in style and content, and the specific hopes and aspirations that they express also differ. They have in common that Conductive Education is sought into adulthood and that conductive services are on offer, if only there were money to pay – and there isn't.

Stories such as these (and their coincidence) will be perhaps increasingly inevitable and common as a generation of children and their families who entered conductive programmes years ago find that they might still potentially benefit – but that there may be no way to fund what they would like. 

Some inevitable questions
  • What solutions have families and conductive services around the world come up with to confront this problem over the years, and what has the present generation of conductive providers been able to do to confront this probem?
  • How aware is the present generation of younger families just entering the 'system' with their children, that such a long-term problem may loom ahead?
  • How aware of this long-term dimension are funders around the world, including the uncountable numbers who individuals who donate their personal time and efforts to raising cash for immediate purposes, for children?
  • What measures might the world of Conductive Education be taking to articulate and share such problems and their possible solutions more widely?
  • What conductive associations, centres and services and associations can offer practical, concrete experience and possible models of organisation and action, to open doors to those who might benefit by accessing lifetime Conductive Education?
Long-term, longitudinal

The TV news item mentioned here concerns Dawn Rogers from Nottingham, Here is a pirated video of Dawn, shot twenty-four yearsago, in 1990:

The newspaper report features Nico Wonderle. I have not found an analogous early record of Nico in the public domain.


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