Monday, 26 January 2015

100 DAYS

No apologies

It is now 100 days till the General Election in the United Kingdom. Over this period Conductive World will reflect some of the political jostling might possibly relate to Conductive Education and its future.

Some of all this may be directly relevant to those who live and work in the UK. Readers elsewhere, however, might also wish to maintain a cautious watch on this. After all, for whatever reason, what happens in Conductive Education in that country may still have a bearing on what happens elsewhere in the world – for good or for ill.

No apologies to Conductive World's international readership if the the United Kingdom is over-represented in the content of its blog and its Facebook page over the next 100 days.

Wherever you are, of course, you are free to ignore this – and perhaps experience the greater surprise when something turns up in the future, wherever you are, as part of a trend or even official policy meme that personally affects you.

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