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Business planning for diversification
Not the institution that one knew

Máté Mihályi, the new Chancellor of the PAF (the András Pető College) took up his post at the beginning of last October. He has made what appears to be his first public statement in an interview with Daniel Kacsoh, published in yesterday's Népszáva. 

It goes something like this

The Pető Institute takes advantage of its opportunities
'Financial problems stemmed from previous falling away of international aid, which the organization was not prepared for.'
Quality improvement is not just expansion of resources, but also of use and deployment of public funds, says newly appointed chancellor, Máté Mihályi.
Much has been heard about the Pető Institute of late, he continues, because of its funding problems, as a result of which the state has taken over maintenance of the institution, creating the András Pető College.

What led to this? The chancellor system has actually just been introduced to managing higher education institutions through a kind of managerial approach. For this, you need professionals able to explore barriers to efficiency, with the ability to identify operational anomalies. But it is equally important to strengthen the so-called 'hidden values', use of existing resources. The aim is to work more effectively. As for the Pető Institute, it is vitally important to safeguard conductor-training... As far as I know, the financial troubles of the past resulted largely from dwindling international aid, which the organization was not prepared for. The Chancellor is there not merely to perform financial tasks under the law, including human resources, procurement, legal, administrative and operational tasks, IT and other tasks have to be included. An important component of the new system is that its professional direction can really concentrate on educational and research activities. As a result, the level of education increases, and an outside, fresh approach can help a lot.
For the András Pető College how do opportunities for innovation arise? So far, screening is taking place, but I now see areas where you can do things order to improve a successful operation....The design of the optimal operation of the courses will be shared with colleagues, as in the context of long-term business strategy it is necessary to work together closely with the Chancellor. Regarding cooperation, this has been mostly good experiences. General objective to be not just a charge on the state's budget, but we can also be more involved in external sources. We have to win potential funders.

What other opportunities arise? There are not just supporters to look out for but also companies and organizations that might co-operate in other fields.The college's professional knowledge can offer not only experience in the field of medical devices, but in insurance, medical informatics, health tourism markets, even the field of health promotion lie before our feet... The point is that along with the teaching and research areas, it should be on the look-out for opportunities – with of course the international line remaining the flagship. This, however, can be strengthened too.

Is there any pressure on the Chancellor from the Government to produce results? Quality improvement is not only in forestry resources but also in public funds, for goods produced, optimal premises management, and redeployment. This is no external pressure other than from the country and the common interests of taxpayers. If you like, a moral imperative that you need to feel all those involved. In addition, it is important to ensure transparency, especially for authenticity. This is independent of whether there will be more or less aid. As chancellor, I wish to focus primarily in developing an effective framework for the operation.
No doubt we shall hear more or all this, somehow or other.

Original Hungarian text and photograph

Kacsoh, D. (2015) A Pető Intézet kihasználja lehetőségeit, Népszáva, 27 January 


  1. Looks like someone has been working on his thesis over a proper capitalizing of CE. Yea, go ahead pack and label it and sell it out with a huge Product of Hungary-mark. By the way speaking of the knowledge offered by the College, actually why not offer some in obstetrics, midwifery, pediatrics and gynecology as well as in marketing strategies for early intervention and special needs