Saturday, 31 January 2015


On being a newly qualified conductor
JJ blogs
So here I am now. Alone. In precisely the position I had hoped to avoid...
There is one other conductor in my state. One other conductor in a space that is equivalent to the entire UK...
Since my previous post, an experienced conductor, whom I respect hugely, has reached out to me to offer her support, and I have taken it gladly...
Unfortunately, all prospective CE jobs are a minimum of 7 hours away, with most being over 12 hours from where I currently am. I want to work in CE, but at the moment I’m still getting over the last move and the thought of another is overwhelming...

Do heed her plea:
As always, please let me know your thoughts! I am craving good CE interaction.


Zapf, J. J. (2015) One… is the loneliest number, Hop, Skip and a Jump, 30 January

(I realise that I am no longer sure of the name of JJ's blog, nor even of JJ herself for referencing purposes. Advice, please.)

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  1. I think her blog is still, Hop, Skip, and a Jump if that's what your are asking. Maybe the citation should read, Zapfletts, J.J. (as of last August.) Admittedly, a little confusing since her WordPress link is still Zapf.