Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Or just pletyka on planet Conductive Education

What a strange planet it is too, always has been and still is. One so often picks up information that any other sector might consider important just by chance – largely because it is not appropriately passed on, broadcast, disseminated, confirmed, in the first place by those whose advantage it would be to do so.

One factor in this may be that that Conductive Education is not a planet at all, nor a world or a microcosm, nor even a community or a movement. Just an arbitrary scattering of people with little definable in common, not even a common language.

Small wonder that communication is reduced to a hopeless Hungarian mechanism, pletyka, a sort of rumor or gossip of the kind met in information-starved totalitarian, fearful societies.

So here's a pletyka for folk to treat as they wish, potentially immensely important, or perhaps not at all. This emerged in the long list of warm congratulations being received on Tünde Rózsahehyi's website 
Congratulations from my deep heart! We are lookings for a Professor for CE at the Nuremberg College Future working place for you?

A chair in Conductive Education in Germany implies that konduktive Pädagogik, or perhaps even konduktive Forderung, is on the road to becoming a real academic subject. That would be really something of immense positive significance for Conductive Education around the world. 

Or perhaps just mistaken use of the English word 'professor', to indicate a mere lecturer? Or what?

I rushed to the link provided, but found nothing relevant – fault of my own inadequate German perhaps.

It's a funny world, the conductive one (if it exists at all) and increasingly hard to follow, even as a spectator sport.

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