Monday, 5 January 2015


Très chique refurbishment in South of France

The Gard Association of Conductive Education Centre in Clarensac in the South of France is more than delighted to offer a quick photo tour of its smart refurbished premises
The work of upgrading, setting out and equipping the centre took two and a half months and involved fifty volunteers to complete. There is still a little tweaking and decoration to do but everything is operational and up to standard.

This morning Numa, Leah, Leanne and Nayla are back, for the Grand Reopening. It is hoped that the smart new premises will be further conducive towards their future autonomy. 

We hope that the families and children will feel comfortable and the place will be further conducive to progress towards their autonomy! That is why it has all been done.

(2015) Le CEC du Gard, CEC du Gard, 5 January

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