Monday, 26 January 2015


What the punters think: first glimpse

Lickspittles and running dogs in a variety of institutions and professions have already expressed their unqualified welcome for HM Government's legislative changes for 'special educational needs' in England. The website Special Needs Jungle has conducted a snap ad hoc survey of what parents think about it so far:

What do they think about it so far?

As summarised by Debs Aspland –
We received one response that was positive.
However, the others all raised similar issues and to be frank, can be summed up by one comment we received: 'The aspiration of the government is not the reality of the local authority. It has been diluted down considerably'.
Parents' responses are exemplified under the following heads:
  • Lack of Understanding or Knowledge – LA or Practitioners

  • Parental and Young Person Involvement & Co-Production

  • Poor, wrong, misleading or no information for families

  • Personal Budgets

  • Transition to Adulthood

  • Confidence in the SEND reforms

Well worth reading in full.

What next?
All of the comments we received (over 30 pages) have been passed to Edward Timpson [the Minister responsible].He seemed keen to look through them. We look forward to his response once he has had the chance to read your comments.
This is not of course a 'scientific survey'. This is politics.


Aspland D. (2015) SEND reforms: What YOU told us, Special Needs Jungle, 26 January

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