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The previous posting on Conductive World ended on this thought 
...look out for lots more talk about 'the culture...'

All over the news in this morning's media in the UK was another highly critical 'review' of human failure in the public services, the following sample coming from the BBC –
More than 40% of NHS investigations into patient complaints are not good enough, according to a review by the office of the health service ombudsman...
The review looked at the quality of the investigations and the evidence relied on, as well as statements and records...
The government said it was working to create a 'more open NHS culture'...
The Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman Service investigates complaints from the public about the way they have been treated by the NHS, including allegations of avoidable death and harm.
Health Ombudsman Dame Julie Mellor says –
When the NHS makes a mistake their duty is to investigate - these investigations shouldn't be about attributing blame but should find out what happened and why in order to prevent the same mistakes from happening again. Our evidence too often shows this is not the case.
Next week Dame Julie Mellor will appear before the Public Administration Select Committee, which is looking into the issue of NHS complaints and clinical failure.
Closed systems versus open society
A former NHS Trust Chairman is also quoted –
The trust is absolutely the wrong person to investigate this because the trust is investigating the trust, it should be done independently and outside the purview of that organisation.
And the Government has commissioned an independent report –
...on how to create a more open NHS culture.
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