Thursday, 12 February 2015


Bid for massive expansion in training

A recent email from New Zealand's Feurestein Foundation (motto: 'Step forward') outlines the Foundation's proposal to bid for major funding from the NZ Ministry of Education's NZ$10 million Teacher-Led Innovation Fund:

The Instrumental Enrichment movement has been in New Zealand for no time at all. It is instructive to see how the Foundation states its case at this preliminary stage of the bid 
900+ teachers have trained in Feuerstein in the past 24 weeks This pivotal programme is evidencing a paradym shift in education in New Zealand...
The $10m Teacher Led Innovation Fund provides access to funds for full school implementation – to have every teacher within the school trained. FIE is, in isolation, an outstanding Professional Development training- with collateral impact to students who are delivered this cognitive intervention programme...
This pivotal programme is equally significant for our normative and gifted children.
By exercising specific areas of the brain, Feuerstein strengthens the weak areas that underlie learning deficits. New pathways grow, neurons regenerate, IQ increases – many Learning Supported students return to mainstream teaching, never to need learning support again.
  • Delivered for 60 years, in 40+ countries, 85 training faculties 
  • Transforms the lives of brain injured, learning disabled, normative and gifted children
  • 3,000+ published case-studies, peer-reviewed independent research articles 
  • Not-For-Profit – US$35.00 per student pa
  • Australian government has partnered with Independent Schools Australia to implement the programme into Victoria's 2,700 schools
  • Brazilian government funded 15,000 teachers in a nationwide campaign to shift academic achievement of their underachieving students
  • Scotland's and Alaska's governments deliver the programme to increase the IQ and outcomes of their normative, gifted and learning supported students
  • Feuerstein Institute want to be measured!
  • Tell them your concerns, where you need help and they will implement the programme that will evidence significant outcome
Surprising English words are presumably New Zealand usages.

The bidding is just at Stage 1 of its process. The above therefore is very much a sales pitch. Stage 2 follows and will require tougher substantiation This will open in April. Notification of outcome will be mid-June and there will be further opportunities to apply next year and beyond: 

Something here for Conductive Education?

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Sutton, A. (2014) Aoteroa: Feuerstein in God's Own, Conductive World, 19 June

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