Thursday, 5 February 2015


Expanding school's age-range and reach

Further to Conductive World's item of two days ago, parent-activist Ruth Dürr writes to update on continuing developments at the Private School in Oberaudorf-Inntal
The (brand-) newest information is that we are starting 'secondary school', Mittelschule, in autumn.

This will not be founded as a whole new school but grow out of the (very successfull) primary school, growing from the fifth grade onwards year-by-year until the 10th grade is achieved.

This will also be a regular school, also inclusive and also of course based on Conductive Education (my son will attend it)

Mittelschule means here a combination of several 'middle-final exams' can be reached. We collaborate with other secondaries in the region.
And another project is on the way, still in the preparatory mode but also to be started in September: the so-called Ambulante familienunterstützende Dienste (family-support services) means services like individual assistants in regular schools, ambulant conductive education groups for pupils with disability in regular schools, advisory services, or simply much needed support at home for families that need a break for some hours.

In Europe, 'ambulant' means non-residential, in medical contexts day or outpatient services. 

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