Monday, 16 February 2015


Federation of Private CE Centres

Four French private CE organisations first met in November 2013, in Bayeaux, Normandy, following which FEPEC (Fédération des Établissements Privés d’Éducation Conductive) was formally constituted, in May 2014:
The term Private Institutions means that these structures are financed by parents and generosity of individuals and local businesses, without any public funding...
To date, 118 children have benefited from French service centers, and through the results, other centers are being created. For lack of sufficient and appropriate reception structure, these parents have no other alternative than exercising abroad or creating for themselves their own structure or permanent school for the well-being of their children AND their families...
FEPEC is an association of parents, without ulterior political aims, religious or sectarian...
FEPEC advocates the development of Conductive Education in France, opening a truly new way within the truly French context. Conductive Education is a credible alternative and solution for disabled children with cerebral palsy, and a hope for families on the road to independence.

FEPEC is separate from the longer-established French CE meta-organisation AFPEC
(Association Française Pour l'Education Conductive):

A brief press report on FEPEC

CE centres in France: map

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