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Project Stand by Me

Gathering public momentum over the last month or so has been a new venture from Judit Szathmáry, Amanda Elliott and friends, based in the sunny south of England but with no apparent geographical boundaries in its scope, Project Stand by Me.

Further information is coming together on the project's website and on Facebook:

Judit Szathmáry Founder/Director introduced the project–
Project Stand By Me is my lifelong dream and vision that I have kept in my heart for over 35 years!
Ever since I became involved with Conductive Education at the age of 18 when I started my training at the Pető Institute, I had a strong desire to create an outstanding service in an incredibly beautiful environment providing a seamless provision from childhood to adulthood for children and adults with neurological problems and for their families.
Project Stand By Me’ is the legacy of the life work of Dr András Pető, a Hungarian Physician (1893-19670). A reminder of his outstanding ideas and the significance of their existence in the world of humanity.
Our aims are to preserve the qualities and unique features of our work, following our heartfelt calling to help, guide and lead humanity to become more, against all the odds.
Project Stand By Me is a community of like minded and light hearted individuals who have a calling and a desire to bring their special gifts, qualities, talents and wisdom to the project, ultimately creating an amalgamation of supporters and partners to manifest a powerful mastermind.
Everybody needs someone to stand by them. This project is the platform for experiencing and enjoying the power of giving, receiving and paying it forward.
The personal positions of those who are involved with Stand by Me, both as 'management' and on the Advisory Panel, offer indication of the general orientation of this new body within Conductive Education:

  • Sally Harvey – Chair
  • Judit Szathmáry – Founder/Director
  • Amanda Elliott – Founder/Head of Services
  • Roger Harvey – Treasurer
  • Kate Poley – Trustee
  • Sophie Szathmáry-Dixon – Trustee
  • Samantha Smith – Trustee

Advisory panel
  • Vishali Malhotra
More members of advisory panel:

A song for Judit

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