Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Not giving them can mislead

I mention this recurrent matter again today only because two items have come on line within a few hours of each other. Both give links to television news reports: neither offers the date on which these reports were originally broadcast.

Today's new Internet pages are:

Putting aside questions to be raised over the specific content of both TV reports, and whether they should be re-released without careful qualification, they do date originally from 2004 and 20o9 though, as far as I can see, this is not stated. Those who come across these links might therefore believe that they are bang up to date, and that what is said in them is unquestioningly accepted by those who have republished them – in other words, today's readers might be mislead.

One would not accept undated academic reports. One should not accept undated newsreel reports either.

CBS report on Conductive Education

The 2004 report from CBS was first shown on 24 February 2004 (now that was a tenth anniversary opportunity  missed a week or so ago!). As far as I can recall there has been no major news report in North America since 2004, though a written update was issued by CBS in 2009:

(includes original news video)

Written text of 2004 report

David Cameron on Conductive Education

The event televised here occurred in Ballymena in Northern Ireland on 18 May 2009:

The forthcoming General Election referred to in this report was the one coming up that year, not the now forthcoming General Election coming up in May 2014.

In the years since that good-natured meeting in Ballymena, the United Kingdom has had its General Election, and England has had the promised 'simple' legislation on SEN (though Northern Ireland has not). As for Conductive Education... well, Mr Cameron has been nowhere to be seen.

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