Friday, 27 March 2015


Her Majesty's Government in the giving vein

The end of the Financial Year approaches, a General Election follows soon after – and the thoughts of politicians turn not to pilgrimage but to spending citizens's money on buying their votes. Cynical, moi?

The joy of giving

In England the Department for Education has just announced that after years of running down the training of educational psychologists (UK term for school psychologists) it will now splash out a fortune to admit 150 new students for each of the next two years for doctoral-level training.

I do not know who else will have cause to cebrate the DfE's timely benificence – except for 94 lucky charitable projects concerned with children and young people, that will soon be sharing £94 million between them:

This money made will be on top of existing government grants for this sectors.

The 94 successful applications come from 463 original applications. Sums awarded range in scale from £50K to £736,154.

One successful beneficiary

Running an eye down the lists finds only one successful application from a project with a name familiar within UK Conductive Education, the PACE Centre in Ayesbury, awarded £118,250. The DfE's announcement describes the purpose of this grant as follows –
The project includes a combination of direct support for children and young people with sensory motor disorders  offering training/guidance for mainstream schools and making good links between mainstream and special settings.

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