Thursday, 12 March 2015


School photo

Mária Hári attended the Baár Madas Girls' Grammar School (Gimnázium) close to her family's house in Buda (just behind the present Budapest Hotel). In later years she remembered her years there with great affection and drew comfort from her recently re-established contacts with fellow old girls.

Hungary shares the pleasant European tradition of publishing photo portraits of every year's school-leavers. Mária graduated from high school in 1941, shortly after Hungary entered the War (on the side of Nazi Germany).

The Baár Madas Gimnázium is still there. Leavers' photographs back to 1929 are displayed on its website, including the leavers for 1941:

You will find her portrait there on Tableau no 41a. Mária is on the bottom line, second from the right.

Baár Madas Gimnázium was a 'posh' school, I have been told that it was the poshest girls' gimnazium in all Hungary. On the tableau Maria's surname is spelled with a 'y', that is in a way that many consider a posh way. Perhaps she changed the spelling after the War so as not to be considered a class enemy.

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