Monday, 23 March 2015


Paths have crossed before

One of the founders and subsequently a mainspring of the Camphill movement was the refugee Jewish-Austrian paediatrician Karl König. He was a follower of anthroposophy, the philosophical position established by Rudolf Steiner.

One may sometimes read or hear that András Pető was also influenced by Rudolf Steiner. How this was so has not actually been stated, nor how anthroposophy may be apparent in what is now widely referred to as Conductive Education.

András Pető and Karl König did however correspond briefly towards the ends of their lives (Karl König died in 1966, András Pető in 1967).

In 2015, the future of the Camphill movement in England may no longer be secure:


Pető, A. (2012) Letter to Dr König, In G. Maguire and A. Sutton (eds) András Pető, Birmingham, CEP, pp. 145-148

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