Monday, 9 March 2015


Just one of those arbitrary milestones

Anniversaries and big round numbers may be of little or no material significance in themselves but, like milestones, they offer a measure of how far one has come – and raise awkward questions like what has been achieved, how far there may be yet to go, whether this really is the best path...

Sometime over the weekend, Blogger informs me, Conductive World passed a big-number milestone, 900,000 pages viewed.

Well, they were opened anyway. Whether read or, if read, to what satisfaction or disgruntlement, I cannot know.

Only another one-hundred thousand to go to hit the big 1M (always granting  DV!)

Page views
A page view or page impression is a request to load an HTML file (web page) of an Internet site. On the World Wide Web, a page request would result from a web surfer clicking on a link on another 'page' pointing to the page in question. This should be contrasted with a 'hit', which refers to a request for any file from a web server. There may therefore be many hits per 'page' view since an HTML 'page' can be made up of multiple files.

Page view data are simple, convenient and provided automatically, so I glance at them occasionally. Note that a page view is more that a mere hit. As ever, page views are not a wholly umproblematical measure.


Conductive World first posted on 4 October 2007. Only seven and-a-half years ago. Seems a very long time.

At one point I decided to pack it all in and get a life. I said my farewells... but blogging proved too strong an addiction. Sad. Maybe better luck next time.


These seven-and-a-half years have seen over two-thousand postings on Conductive World.

To be precise, this is the 2197th posting published on this blog. 'Sad' isn't in it?


There have been 1,933 Comments published on Conductive World.

Comments on these postings used once to arrive thick and fast. Over the last two or three years they have almost dried up.

I do not know why. Just one factor might be that many find it easier to comment on Conductive World's Facebook page:

I wonder how many page views, how many Comments, may have been chalked up there...

Last such milestone passed

The half-million milestone (500,000 page views) was passed at the beginning of November 2013.

This implies that the volume of page views has increased over the last year of so. As ever, with such blunt statistics, precisely the phenomena reflected by the figures remain a mystery.

At the time of passing half a million I remarked –
...unless there is the most remarkable step change I doubt that Conductive World and I shall make it together to a million!
It is so nice not to have to have targets (or to have a known deadline).

Perhaps there has been a step change over the last year or so. If there has, I know not what, or why, or how. 

There is still no target...


Sutton, A. (2013) Numerological milestone: half a million page views, Conductive World, November

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