Saturday, 14 March 2015



Thank you to conductor Kriszti Desits in Nuremberg for sharing a fascinating Canadian video from the Toronto Globe and Mail. See this short video for yourself:

Interesting with respect to dystonia, and dance, though not as stated 'a therapy'. Something far more important, far more human, than the understanding expressed in this dreadful bit of mindless biologism –

Sometimes you have to use the body as a tool to get to your brain

Psycho-social, emotional, rhythmic, motivating, joyous, motoric. There is no need here to labour this point here...

Look at all those likes, shares and comments at the foot of the item. Now there's 'awareness' for you.  If I had the time I should search through to see how well Conductive Education is represented


– (2015) 'Sometimes you have to use the body as a tool to get to your brain', Toronto Globe and Mail, 9 March.

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