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For the record

I have started a long-overdue spring-clean, and am finding all sorts of things, personal and professional.I had quite forgotten that I have some of these and/or where I had stored them. Like Count Dracula, I need a secretary to help sort my things!

A few minutes ago I came across one such item, a photocopy of a long, typescript document in Hungarian.

This particular photocopy was given me by Júlia Kalman (later Dévai) who was to no small measure instrumental in their production.

My photocopy is rather grey, the original having been made of the slightly tinted and flimsy paper that seemed common in those distant days in Hungary. My photocopy is, however, altogether legible. Total number of pages is 80 + 2. I can see no trace of the original's having been bound and its front page had been fairly battered around the edges.





A Mozgasterápiai Tanszék, as Országos Mozgásterápiai Intézet osszeállitása

F.k. Dr. Pethő András


This front page is inscribed with an affectionate dedication to Júlia Kalman (later Dévai) in AP's own hand. These notes for students were the second of three such internal publications in those early years, see p. 65 of Júlia Dévai's (2012) published account of the beginnings of conductive pedagogy and of the State Institute.

In English the title means 'Methods of Soviet motor therapy'. The topic was in keeping with the place and the time. Whether or not AP was influenced by this material it was certainly politically advantageous to cite it.

The collection was published by the Movement Therapy Department of National Institute of Movement Therapy. At the time AP was favouring a version of his surname spelled with an 'h'.

Contents page

See Dévai (op. cit.) for the authors, of whom only Luriya has been widely known outside the Soviet Union.

The text

pp. 1-120


There is also another document from the same source in my trove, this one comprising 60 pages from 1958. For the public record I shall report on this another time. For now I have to get back to my clearing.


Dévai, J. (2012) Personal memories from the beginning of Conductive Education, in J. Maguire and A Sutton (eds), András Pető, Birmingham, Conductive Education Press, pp. 45-70

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