Friday, 17 April 2015


Could Jobbik govern Hungary?

DW (Deutsche Welle) is Germany's international broadcaster. Nick Thorpe's report from Budapest was broadcast on its English-language service this morning –
In Hungary the nationalist Jobbik party has won its first ever seat in an individual constituency. That adds to the 22 seats it already has thanks to proportional representation. The Jobbik leader Gabor Vona has rebranded Jobbik as a people's party and as a result, it's won votes from both left and right. But how credible is the new moderate tone and could Jobbik one day govern Hungary?'

This recent by-election result has sent a bit of shiver through the world's media. Three years to the next general election is a long time and lots could happen. But elections in Europe in the 21st century are funny things, something that we in the UK are waking up to this April.


Thorpe, N. (2015) Could Jobbik govern Hungary? Deutsche Welle, 17 April

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