Friday, 24 April 2015


Revised hierarchy published today

This morning the András Pető College (formally the Pető Institute has published the names of post-holders in its new management.

Some old names are there, and some others not, along with some new names that have yet to be known.

The Rector's area

Most notable is that Franz Schaffhauser remains as Rector.

There is a new Vice Rector, plus some other changes.

The Chancellery

Chancelleries are new structures recently imposed by central government upon all higher-education institutions in Hungary, to keep an eye on the money and ensure government control:

How does it all work?

Who knows? The is no organigram (organogram, if you prefer) to show how the two management sectors or the individual posts within them relate to one another and to the world outside.

There no information about this yet in any language but Hungarian, and no email addresses are provided.

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