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Last month Conductive World linked to the new management of the PAF (András Pető College):

This includes the newly created post of Chancellor (Kanzellár), the first post-holder being Máté Mihályi. The position of Chancellor has been only recently created in Hungarian higher education (affecting colleges as well as universities), so a couple of weeks ago Conductive World followed up with reference to a critical account of this new roll in general, written by US scholar Jon Van Til:

Today the PAF has republished the text of an interview with Máté Mihályi by reporter Dániel Kacsoh, published in February in the conservative newpaper Magyar Hirlap:

This item is in Hungarian. Here as far as I understand them are the essential points of Mr Mihályi's inteview:
  • The chancellor system been introduced to establish a managerial approach to higher -education institutions.
  • It requires people able to seek out 'barriers to productivity' and 'operational anomalies'.
  • 'The aim is to work more effectively.
  • Specifically at the Peto Institute [his term] the task is to preserve the method and conductor-training – a 'globally recognized national asset'.
  • The finacial problems had been due to dwinding international financial input.
  • A Chancellor is more than just a Business Manager. The latter is concerned just with financial matters, personnel,procurement, administration, IT etc,
  • The Rector has to be able to concentrate on education and research – an outside, fresh perspective can help a lot.
  • The András Pető College in now [February] screening for new innovation opportunities, and can already see new areas for improving the operation.
  • The long-term business strategy for the optimal operation of the course will be shared with colleagues, as it is necessary to closely work together with the Rector.
  • The overall objective to be not only a charge to the state budget but also involve with external sources, companies and organizations.
  • Other resources include the PAF's established professional knowledge in, for example, medical infomatics, health tourism, andhealth promotion,
  • 'The international line continues to be the flagship' – though this also needs strengthening.
  • Quality improvement is not only for tnatural resources but also public funds – productivity, better optimal space management, redeployment,
  • Itis not outside pressure from the Government that drives this but the country as a whole and the common interests of taxpayers. It is important to ensure transparency, irrespective of the amount of financial aid.
  • Mr Mihályi wishes to concentrate primarily in developing an effective framework for the operation.

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