Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Remembering Mária Hári

A rare announcement from the IPA announces the PAF's publication of the Mária Hári Commemorative Book, with what for many round the world may prove a crucial piece of information –
A könyv a későbbiekben interneten és postai úton is megrendelhető lesz.

I do hope that I have not interpreted this too optimistically by understanding it to mean that the book will be later be available on the Internet and can also be ordered by mail.

Ordering information:

Mária Hári Competition suspended

The IPA's previous announcement was in December of last year, to say that it had had to suspend the annual Mária Hári essay competition for 2015 pending availability of further funds:

Over the five years of this project (2010 – 2014) 'over 29' entries were submitted, of which four first, seven second and four third cash prizes (a total of fifteen) were awarded.

It is hoped that this project might resume in the future, finances permitting:

Last year's awards:

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