Saturday, 27 June 2015


Farewell in City Park

One does not usually think of Hungary in terms of the history of aviation (or of space travel), and most touristic visitors to Budapest over the last thirty years may not have noticed the Aviation and Space Museum on the upper floor of the rather ad hoc-looking Petőfi Hall in City Park – a quirky, eclectic collection of this and that  including items that even the most avid aircraft enthusiast might never have heard of.

Well, if you have not already seen it, then tomorrow will be your last chance, as this museum closes then for the last time. The Petőfi Hall is being demolished to make way for the huge New National Gallery.

What will happen then to this odd collection, I do not know, though I am sure the enormous Hungarian appetite for nosztalgia surely means that it will rise again.


In English, to show what you will have missed:

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