Wednesday, 15 July 2015


In Central and Eastern Europe

The Hungarian Government is reorganising and strengthening the 'Information Office', its non-military intelligence agency. Next up for review is its counter-intelligence agency, the 'Constitutional Protection Office'.

János Lázár, minister responsible for military intelligence, acting as the Information Office’s quasi-director and has outlined some areas of concern –

...the government and the Information Office are convinced that the future of Hungarians living in the Transcarpathia (southwestern Ukraine) will be a serious issue in the coming decade, and that the Information Office is carrying out operations to protect Hungarian citizens in the Carpathian Basin. These operations are the first in twenty-five years in which the Hungarian government is openly undertaking activities in Ukraine in total opposition to the wishes of the Ukrainian government. Ukraine’s foreign ministry is doing what it can to stop Hungary’s spies and Hungarian diplomats from undertaking operations in Ukraine.

...Romanian authorities are charging ethnic Hungarians living in the country with 'conceptional crimes'... Romania’s justice ministry has a clearly anti-Hungarian agenda in prosecuting ethnic Hungarians living in the country.

...the Croatians are launching corruption cases against Hungary to 'completely discredit the Hungarian business elite'.

Other perceived potential threats to Hungary come from the United States, the EU, terrorists, the  Arab world and Turkey, all requiring the Information Office's involvement.

No mention here  of Russia.


In Central and Eastern Europe, around the Carpathian Basin. A few years ago one might have hardly expected things in Europe work out this way.

Ukraine is in effect at war on its eastern side. Last Saturday's twentieth-anniversary remembrance of the Srebrenica massacre  is reminder of how ugly things can get in Europe. This week's news of the gunfight in Mukacheve (Hungarian Munkács) in Transcarpathia suggests something of what the Hungarian government has to worry about very close to home:

Of course all this might amount to nothing in the long run anyway. Meanwhile, it is just something else to bear in mind when considering that part of the world.


Novak, B. (2015) Hungary to upgrade its espionage capabilities, The Hungarian Beacon, 12 July

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