Sunday, 26 July 2015


Another new micro-centre proposed in France

An open letter on Facebook, from Julie Soulié –
Hello you readers,
I am pleased to share with you our project to open a Conductive Education Centre, on the horizon in September 2016.
This project stems from our experience in several Conductive Education centres. Emilie has had the opportunity to lake part in several two-week sessions in Bayeux and Nîmes. The changes were significant and recognized by health professionals who follow her.
Thinking about this, we have several options. Either we are move to be close to one of the six Conductive Education centres, all located more than three hours from us, or we abandon the idea of Emilie's taking advantage of such a method... or we create a specialised centre here to offer Conductive Education as an alternative method. Our choice has been to enable other children and families to benefit from this possibility. And it is from this perspective that we have created an association to run the Conductive Education centre of Emilia's association. 
A road well trodden around the developed world – joined especially in France over the last year or so:

The House of Little Steps

All official now:
The Conductive Education Centre of Tarn
Objective: to provide help at financial, social, educational and/or therapeutic levels for children, adults and/or families affected by lissencephaly, West syndrome or cerebral palsy or multiple disabilities in general, whatever its origin.!vjXCpYJ8J3LpmD*YOnc!15OpaIK2GsO9NLsS8SuhcSjn5QIZlmcdpMNN8IuP58I3!39aD9bBhVAtFOTIplJSaUYX6B4LilqH8kGZ8xzkKCfZ6a8dHjIAC3ksRLSg_&cref=%2B15212475335345619516/_c=%2B16794694978206952180&ACTION=refine&JTY_ID=ASSOCIATION/CREATION

Bonne chance à vous tous!

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