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'Petö Global Connect'

Gesellschaft für Konduktive Förderung

A rough translation from the German –

Conductive Education Association

Our brand
  • Conductive Education (Konduktive Förderung) is a Hungarian educational value (ungarischer Bildungswert).
  • Conductive Education is a therapeutic/educational method that helps the holistic approach to physical/mental disability in the area of neurodegenerative diseases, infantile cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury and dementia. Conductive Education was developed by the Hungarian physician András Pető in the forties. He wanted to let people with acquired or congenital disabilities who were considered 'incurable' take part in everyday life and education. Conductive Education has established and effective for over seventy-five years.
The message
  • Conductive Education is: 'The miracle in man'.
  • Movement and competencies are improved through teaching the connection of perception and motor dexterity. Treatment The goal is independence (empowerment) and quality of life.
Core competence
  • No form of intervention therapy is better at encouraging thought processes, social skills and self-activity simultaneous.
  • Real life and therapy are not separate. Through group brings dynamic processes that have a positive impact on general condition, motivation and the success of the treatment. Self- and everyday competence is mediated by defined programmes of intervention.
The spectrum
  • You can find nationwide providers in the areas of early childhood intervention, nurseries, kindergartens and schools, day services, mobile services and Conductive Education in clinics [a promised button to click for a national map has yet to be included]
Our vision
  • Quality assurance standards through certification
  • Incorporation of Conductive Education services in the medical/therapeutic services catalogue
  • Expansion of residential services
  • Inclusion through Conductive Education
  • Projecting new rehabilitation clinics
  • Education forums
We are looking for
  • Strong partners from industry, business and research, to realize our goals with us
  • People who will organize themselves to add value with us
We offer
  • Branding your business with the social brand of Conductive Education
  • Acquire new customers through presentation of your company in a sustainable area.
  • Impact communications and marketing on social issues such as inclusion, participation, dialogue between generations
  • Organizational platform in the European alternative-therapies healthcare market
  • Social positioning and perception of social value
  • Membership in the Society for Conductive Education
We share knowledge
  • Franchising
  • Corporate branding for your company

'Global Brand Ambassador'

A new name to look out for, certainly in the German-speaking world and perhaps globally, is Dr Stefanie Koehler, a lecturer (Lehrbeauftragte) at the Department of Health Economics at the Munich branch of Fresenius College (a private college of higher education) and the titular founder of 'Petö Global Connect' (the Conductive Education Association).

Prof. Franz Schaffhauser und Prof. Stefanie Koehler

Dr Koehler was at the 8th World Conductive Education Congress, held near Munich in October, 2013, though she did not present there. In January 2014 she was appointed Honorary Professor by the András Pető College in Budapest, and in January 2015 its 'brand ambassador' (Markenbotschafterin):
Hungarian Government connection
Petö Global Connect is supported in the dissemination of Conductive Education by the German Consulate General in Hungary:

Earlier this year Peter von Quadt stood down from the Chairmanship of Fortschrift Starnberg.

In May of this year he was succeeded by Stefanie Koehler:


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