Sunday, 6 March 2016


Another reprise

'Conductive Education® 
is a registered trademark of 
March of Dimes Canada'

Recently two postings from Conductive World, on both its blog and Facebook pages, concerning the PAF and intellectual property, have seemed to attract considerable interest:

On the Facebook page, conductor Sophie Loszmann commented –
After reading this I would be curious to know how is it possible that in Canada they are able to use the trademark after Conductive Education and claim that its their own trademark. nonetheless I am very happy about this but should have been done years ago!

Others interested generally in this topic, and specifically in the registration in Canada, might care to look at earlier postings from Conductive World that mention this (I shall add others when and if I find them):


Previous caveats apply


Government of Canada, Registrations at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

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