Saturday, 14 May 2016



The last public word from ACP was on its Facebook posting of 14 December 2015 
We're redeveloping our website at the moment. Thanks for your patience. Exciting news about ACP in the New Year!

That was on 14 December 2015, six months ago today. ACP's Website has now gone off line.

Did I miss something?

What has happened about the 'multi-disciplinary research study to increase motor control in people with cerebral palsy', to the 'exciting news... in the New Year', and to the 'broad range of stakeholders'?

Thirteen organisations operating under the rubric of Conductive Education kicked ACE off. A commercial company, Whitehouse Public Relations Consultancy contributed a year's work pro bono. Two Members of Parliament were drawn in. People gave their time and energy. Where are they in all this?

ACP registered as a charity (England and Wales, children and young people under 25 years of age) in January this year, to do many things:

Where's the action?

And where's Conductive Education?

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