Friday, 3 March 2017


I just have to share this gem

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Aleksandr Luriya gets a good press on Conductive World so, in a spirit of impartiality, I suppose that I ought to remember here that reputation is rarely unproblematical. There's always someone...

From a magazine article about dyslexia –

Isn't it disgusting to find that our Education Establishment relied on the "research" of psycho-sadists Pavlov and Luria? In order to serve their Motherland, these guys would torment humans and animals until they cracked.

This quotation comes from an article published last year in the magazine American Thinker.

It is on a par with a British professor's statement some years back comparing CE with Nazism and Mária Hári with Adolf Hitler – an example of reductio ad Hitlerium (similar to Godwin's Law).

O sad old world, that has such saddoes in 't!


Price, B. D. (2016) Dyslexia is a myth, American Thinker, 7 February

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