Thursday, 16 March 2017


Opposition MP writes...

Opposition MP Timea Szabó (Párbeszéd, 'Dialogue', party) writes in this morning's issue of the newspaper Népszava, she squares up to PAF Chancellor Máté Mihál, proposes a national unified salary scale for all conductors at PAF, says that she is raising this matter in Parliament, and demands that Zoltán Balog, State Secretary for Human Resources (minister responsible for the PAF), attends to this personally.

Her statement in Népsava is repeated on her blog posting this morning, along with media links, and extensive readers' comments:

 (2017) Párbeszéd: durvul a helyzet a Petőben, a sérült gyerekek nem számítanak, Népszava, 16 March 




So far, however, the Hungarian media as a whole seems to have stayed well out of this


(2017) Párbeszéd: durvul a helyzet a Petőben, a sérült gyerekek nem számítanak, Népszava, 16 March


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